The Hydax Flexible Drive Coupling consists of two gear hubs engaging in a sleeve of high grade plastic material. has superior strength and a wide operating temperature range. The gears have crowned-tooth form which permit axial and angular misalignment. The couplings have undergone extensive testing under severe load conditions.

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This assembly is used for periodic checking and charging of accumulator pressure. A steel body construction is provided with charging valves and a pressure gauge. The assembly is suitable for pressures upto 210 bar. A two metres long high pressure hose pipe is provided with the assembly.

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Gauge Isolator Valve(Single Station)

The Gauge Isolator Valves protect the pressure gauge from damaging pressure surges, hydraulic shock and mechanical vibrations. The fluid is completely isolated from the gauge until the knob is pressed. By pressing the knob, the fluid is connected directly to the gauge port giving instant and accurate readings on the gauge. As the knob is released

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Salient Features

  • 3000 psi working pressure
  • High-grade casting body
  • Balanced spool
  • Can be panel or line mounted
  • Working temperature ranges from -30°F to 240°F
  • It isolates the gauge from the system pressure
  • High degree of safety
  • Minimum force required to operate
  • Easy plumbing into the system
  • Meets most operating conditions
  • 100% testing under rigid parameters
  • A guarantee of below 5 CC/min drain leakage in a new valve.

Gauge Isolator Valve(Multi Station)

HYDAX introduces for the first time anywhere, single block 2, 3 or 4 stations gauge isolator valves. The valves are designed to prevent surge damage to a gauge in all types of hydraulic circuits. The spring returned facility is the same as in a single station valve. The high performance, low drain leakage characteristic is maintained in the multi-station valves. Only one gauge and one drain line for all the ports reduces plumbing and additional instrumentation cost.

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